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Blanket Coats, Snowshoes & Tee Pees
Custom Made Blanket Coats
Are you tired of the couch wearing the nice throws? Add a new twist to an old favorite. Our blanket coats can come with leather collar, sleeves and trim. They can be 3/4 length or short bolero in style. The fringe may be removed or left where you would like it. Sizing is mostly one size, but some tailoring may be done for your fit if needed. They can have pockets, a regular collar, or a cowl neckline.  Prices will vary by the material used, size, and style chosen.
Design Choices: Blanket pattern
  • leather collar, trim, sleeves
  • cowl neckline
  • short coat with regular collar
  • leather fringe anywhere
  • pockets, inside or out
  • leather cuffs with dome
  • type of fasteners for front
  • 3/4 length
Authentic Snowshoes
These beautiful handmade Snowshoes are sure to last a lifetime. They are made of the traditional Gut or Rawhide lacing stretched over a tough solid wood frame. Each pair has been dipped in varnish twice to give them lasting durability and extra water proofing. Our leather snowshoe harnesses also are fully adjustable to fit all sizes, they are purchased separately. These Snowshoes are generally purchased by the persons weight, thus the heavier the individual the larger the Snowshoe will be.
The three styles offered are :
Bear Paw #913:  A very effective snowshoe for use in dense woods, or for turning very quickly and often. Recommended for trappers.  
Otter Paw #909: 
An emergency snowshoe used on outings or snowmobile breakdowns, a basic all purpose snowshoe.
Beaver Tail #903: 
Primarily used for trail walking or in open woodland, recommended for all family recreation.
Alaskan Type: 
(not shown, similar in shape as Beaver Tail but not as wide) Works great in open ground and icy snow. It slides on hard surfaces, and the front is turned up.
As prices will vary by the persons weight, we would need to know this before quoting a price on a particular model of Snowshoe, the heavier the individual the larger the Snowshoe.

To care for these Snowshoes, all that is recommended is to let them dry naturally after each use, and Varnish every 2 years to water-proof and improve their wear.
Authentic Tee Pees
Our Tee Pees are custom made in the canvas department of the shop. These Tee Pees are made of 10 oz Fire Retardant, 100% Army Cotton Duct Canvas. An interior wall may be ordered for each size for extra winter insulation. These tents are great for the hunting camp, kids camping or summer cottage as they are fully portable and water repellent. They may be also used in the winter time, by adding a inner lined wall for extra insulation and with a small fire in the center for cooking and heating, they can be quite cozy, even on the coldest nights. These tents may also come in your choice of exterior paintings or drawings. Each Tee Pee comes with instructions on how to use the smoke flaps properly, the spacing of the poles and the tents erection. There are two styles of door covers, an oval wood framed canvas covered one, or the loose flap of canvas type. These Tee Pees are fairly heavy as shipping could become quite expensive, so personal pickup is recommended. Also, due to the length of the poles required for the Tee Pees, poles are not included in the prices shown below but are included with the rentals. 
Sizes available:
10' tall, 9' across base, sleeps 4 with gear
18' tall, 14' across base, sleeps 8 with gear
21' tall, 18' across base, sleeps 10 with gear