Custom Made Products & Repairs

Deerskin Moccasins
Custom Made Saddles
Not just for horses anymore!
The parade saddle shown took Richard 11 weeks to hand-carve and put together starting with just the bare antique frame. It has a heavy rawhide stretched over the frame for added strengthand is fully sheepskin lined. This saddle comes with matching hand carved saddle bags, rifle scabbard, breast plate, flank cinch, hoof pick case and bridle. This fine craftsmanship may be applied to purses, wallets, rifle scabbards, knife cases and bridles, purses, wallets, or anything else made of leather.   
We also make custom rocking horse saddles and tack in english or western styles. Have your antique saddle restored back to working condition too, no matter what the age. We make all of our own  western tack and harness for horses of all shapes and sizes. Some english tack is made here, plus we repair all of the above!!
Custom Made Holsters
Our gun holsters are made to your specifications. Each holster may come fully hand carved, with sterling silver buckle sets, shell loops and be double lined for quick draw action. If you have a specific design in mind, we would be happy to build it for you.
Don't forget the little people too! We also make kids play gun holsters in the single and double barrel sets that can also include quality heavy metal cap guns in the old west style. Their holsters can also be as plain or fancy as you like, similar to the adult designs. Whether you choose the adult or children's gun holster sets, both will give years of wear and be designed to become family heirlooms.  
As the size, hardware, and carvings will vary with each order, so will their prices. We always have some made up to fit the old style guns, so we can only give the current prices of what's on hand or shown in the photo above.
Black with Silver spots full Gun Holster with shell loops, Silver Buckle set, double lined throughout.
Hand Carved compete Holster Set with shell loops, belt double Leather lined, painted background.
Plain Brown single Holster Set with shell loops, double lined leather Belt, silver heavy roller buckle, leg ties. We also make shoulder holsters, rifle scabbards and casesgun slings, and knife cases in any size. Any of these can also be made up as plain or fancy as you like, with wildlife carvings, initials, sheepskin lined etc..
We also carry fur hats in a wide variety of skins. These are the old "Trapper" style that have the flaps that fold down over your ears and neck for extra warmth when needed. These thick fur hats come in beaver, wolf, badger, raccoon, skunk (yes you read write), and rabbit in black or brown. Please call for current prices and availability of the different fur hats.
These one of a kind water carriers are sure to become not only family heirlooms, but certainly great conversation pieces. Each one is individual in design, using a variety of leathers, hand carvings and fur. The carvings can be done in any design from something floral to any wildlife pattern. 
They come in three sizes, are insulated, and have a thick leather strap for many years of service. We have also covered the standard water bottles (pop bottle size) with straps only or have them fully leather covered with floral hand carvings.  
Prices starting at $99.00 up to $300.00 for a 4 Liter insulated canteen that comes completely hand carved on both sides, painted, with hand laced edges and a wide heavy leather carry strap. As with everything we make, the price will vary with the design chosen, size, and the materials used. Once again we welcome all designs and ideas for these one of a kind canteens.  
Design Choices:
Canteen size:   1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 4 Ltr
Carvings:  of what? Wildlife, your initials, Southwest pattern etc.
Lacing: contrasting color? In the center, around outside edge? 
Fur Trim: Of Deer fur, Cow fur, Rabbit, Otter, Wolf
Leather Fringe:  in Cowhide, Deerskin, where? 
Length of Leather handle or strap: with buckle?
Color: two tone with dyed background of carvings? all one color? black, Brown Rust shades.