Leather Moccasins

Once you start wearing a great Leather Moccasin you will never want to go back to those vinyl shoes ever again!   Our Upper Grain leather moc's come in a variety of different leathers from the butter softness of Deerskin, to the durability of Moose-hide, Elk and Cowhide. Each of these leathers will shape naturally to your feet, and also allow them to breath, providing unsurpassed comfort. There are also two varieties of Leather offered in our Moccasin line, the soft split suede and the more durable upper smooth grains. Most of our moc's also come in the standard shoe height, however there are a couple that come in the "ankle' and the taller "boot" heights. All of our Moccasins come with either the extra leather sole or the man-made rubber sole, both of which we can repair later on should you need it, saving the expense of buying another pair and giving up your "broken in" pair. Please specify what leather you are interested, the style, and the size in Mens or Ladies, and we will get back to you with a photo and a price, as we carry so many different Leather Moccasin styles.
Deerskin Moccasins
Beaded Deerskin Moccasins
The Beautiful Deerskin Moccasins shown in this photo have full Hand Beaded toes, are fleece lined and trimmed in thick Canadian Otter fur. Each comes with a second heavy grain leather sole for extra wear, and the toes are laced with a tough waxed sinew . The Hand Beadwork of each slipper is so unique that no two are ever the same in color or pattern, thus we are not able to provide specific patterns in every size. Sometimes we will have only the beadwork finished and would be able to e-mail you the patterns available at that time, otherwise they are randomly chosen for each Moccasin to be made up.
Hand Beaded Muklucks
These Beautiful Hand beaded Muklucks come with a Sheepskin lined foot, thick wool lining up the leg, and fluffy rabbit fur all around the outside. The Muklucks are of a soft suede leather and also come with a double leather sole for extra durability. The Rabbit fur may also be substituted for another colour, or different type of fur. The Hand Crafted Beadwork will vary in pattern design, colors, and by the availability of what we have in stock.
These gorgeous slippers are made of our thickest and warmest 100 % Canadian Sheepskin and trimmed in a thick Rabbit fur or Sheepskin. There are two different heights also available, the standard and extra tall "Booty" height. These plush shippers all come with a double suede leather sole for extra long wear and are Hand Beaded on the toes in a variety of colors. As these are all hand made, there is no choice to the color of beadwork applied to each slipper, making each pair unique. Sheepskin is one of Mans warmest natural materials, and also the most comfortable, as the Wool naturally wicks moisture away from the foot keeping them dry and warm (great also for sweaty feet), and the light weight with the added thickness of it feels like your walking on air. These are a must for anyone suffering from perpetually cold feet.
These wonderful warm slippers come in a variety of suede leather colors, from two tone, to Moose-hide or Cowhide. They are trimmed with a fluffy Rabbit fur colored to compliment each style and are lined with a thick 100% wool or acrylic pile. The Slippers also come with an extra leather sole for longer wear and can be replaced should you need it. All of our Slippers and Moccasins come only in full sizes (e.g. 5,6,7,8,9,10 etc..) as they will shape and stretch the extra half size if needed. The sizes start at 5 through to 10 for the Ladies, and in Mens go from size 8 through to 12. Another note for interest is that we also do all of the repairs to any of the footwear, from new soles to any stitching and replacement of the fur trims.

Buffalo Bone Jewelry

These Beautiful Authentic Buffalo Bone necklaces and bracelets are made in our shop using semi precious stones from across Canada. Each piece is hand strung on Moose Hide leather, giving it years of durability with a Native look and feel. Deerskin is also available, coming in a variety of colors, from several shades of brown to black. You may design one yourself from our list of choices or simply request a particular color scheme and we would be happy to create it for you. The Buffalo Bone comes in a pale white color or is antiqued a soft sand brown shade and the Buffalo Horn is a charcoal black.
Priced by the Strand/Row
$11.00 Choker or Necklace
$5.00 Bracelets
Buffalo Bone/Horn choices:
White Bone -  
1/2", 1", 1 1/2"
Antique Bone - 1/2", 1", 1 1/2"
Black Horn - 1/2", 1", 1 1/2"
Semiprecious Stones: (subject to availability) in 8mm beads or random chunks.
Turquoise                   Leopard Skin                    Carnelian               Tiger Eye
                           Unakite                       Goldstone                         Malachite               Rose Quartz
                           Jade                              Hematite                          Blue Lapis              Abalone Shell
                          Snowflake Obsidian     Rhodonite                     Garnet                     Amethyst

Belts & Chaps

Custom Made Belts
Don't buy cardboard belts from the Big Box Stores anymore!
The leather belts we make last on average 15 years or more and are all made the way you like and to your size. We use a heavy grain bridle leather that can be hand carved with any design or letters you choose. Each belt may also be strung with a variety of authentic buffalo bone and horn trim, and semi precious stones or silver conchos. With our belt line being so extensive, with over 300 in stock and no two the same, we could only show you a few of the designs. The average Plain, 1 1/2": unlined black leather belt starts at $25.00 for a size 38" waist. To be able to determine a price for you, we need you to decide on the following design suggestions to set a quote on your belt to be made.

Custom Made Chaps

The Chaps pictured above on the right are the old western style called Batwings. These Chaps are of a very heavy weight of leather and can be as fancy or plain as you like. They also have snaps on the back of the legs so they are more adjustable if your weight fluctuates there is no need for a new pair to be made after several years of wear. The belts on all of our Chaps are also adjustable at the front and lace at the back for a proper fit. All of our Chaps are sized to you and designed to your taste. You can have pockets added or cut work detailing carved on the belt. Each leg is also only cut from one piece of leather. This alone extends the life of our Chaps by 25 years.
This is certainly not the only style of Chap we make. We also make the more fitted style for the motorcycle enthusiast with all the fringes, zippers and silver studs to heavy carved kidney belts on them.   As these too are all made to order, we only have limited stock on hand, but do have some past photos of ones made if you need to be inspired. This style also can have a heavy weight silk liner added for extra warmth and less "leather crumbs" on your clothing. Colors are not just limited to black, you also have a choice of several shades of brown to purple and green. 
Are you looking for really out of the ordinary? We have a pair of Chaps made of Mohair with a fully Hand Carved leather belt.  With a pair of these you will never be cold again!
Leather Color                      Chap style, Motorcycle, Batwing, Chinks
Silk Liner                              Metal or Nylon zipper
any Studs or Spots             Heavy Carved Leather belt (like kidney)
Leather Fringe                    Sterling Silver Buckle set Monogram (cut work)                                                   3-4oz weight leather on Motorcycle style              size                                        4-5oz weight leather on Batwing style
Please contact us for any questions or quotes.

Leather  Jackets

Design Choices:

  • Deerskin                                     Cowhide
  • Fringe, where?                          Fasteners, Leather rolled buttons, Antlers 
  • Collar Style                                PCS, old Military buttons
  • Beadwork                                  Lacing, same color?
  • Cuffs style                                 Suede side out, where?
  • size                                            Color in Cowhide, Deerskin
This first deerskin jacket to the left shows a beautiful example of out fine beadwork appliqued onto a 3/4 length jacket. This jacket also doesn't have the traditional collar in order to show off the beadwork to it's full advantage. The long hand cut leather fringe follows all around to the back yolk beneath even more floral beadwork across the shoulders. The long fringe is also all along the underside of each sleeve. The inspiration for this particular jacket came from the Smithsonian Institute Museum of the USA, where the original resides today, made in the early 1800's. The original jacket had brass railroad buttons, traded for tack in the early days. Our jacket however has the traditional leather rolled buttons, so they would not detract from the lavish beadwork. Because of the extreme amount of time involved in producing an heirloom such as this, please allow a minimum of 8 months for delivery.
Left Side Picture: This brown leather jacket is made of cowhide, this being the only leather that may come in a rainbow of colours. All of the leather we use is of the upper grains, the only time you will see the suede side is when it's been turned inside out, such as this here. This model has extensive hand lacing in a chocolate brown leather above all the fringed area, on the cuffs, and up the side splits. The extra long fringe extends all around the hemline, down the sleeves, back and across the chest. The jacket was also left unlined for an authentic look. Leather buttons were also used down the front and on the cuffs.
Right Side Picture: This model is made out of cowhide, using both sides of the leather, suede and smooth for a nice contrasting effect. The main body is in the smooth grain while the fringe and chocolate lacing are in the suede leather side. The fringe, cuffs and collar on this jacket are all hand laced, using a chocolate color lacing. You may choose another shade for this purpose for a different look to the jacket. This jacket comes with the old leather rolled buttons and is unlined but may have silk lining added if needed.
This lovely Deerskin Jacket has become our most popular style, a great starting point at which you can mix and add fringes on the sleeves, pockets, beadwork etc... to create your own unique Jacket. This model has extra long fringes all around the chest, over the shoulders and across the back. The smooth upper grain leather side is faced out on the whole Jacket, including fringes, rolled leather buttons and pockets. This design also is silk lined and can have an inner pocket as well as different styles of outer pockets and buttons.
This deerskin jacket borrows it's look from an old military design. The front has black piping under the deerskin around the collar, cuffs and down the front bib section. The front and cuffs also have dome closures in antiqued color. They are also used around the outer edges of the collar, cuffs and bib. The fringe runs over the shoulders and along each of the sleeves. It also comes fully lined. This model is shorter than most we make, but not as short as a bolero would be.

Leather Shirts

Design Choices:
  • Beadwork
  • Rolled leather buttons
  • Suede leather side out. on body? Trim?
  • Sand color or golden deerskin
  • Hand lacing (buck-stitching) in a different or contrasting color.
  • Leather collar
  • Fringe, where? How much?
  • Size, Length
  • Style chosen? Yours? Ours?
  • Bib front
  • Laced neck, sleeves, sides
We show these two deerskin shirts for a few reasons. The main one being to show the different shades the deerskin comes in, the first colour being sand, the other golden deerskin. Each of these colours looks equally fantastic in any style of shirt or jacket chosen, it's just a matter of taste. Also we try to show you how similar but very unique each shirt becomes, just by a few subtle changes made in the design. As a general rule, no two deerskin shirts or coats we make are the same, something is always a bit different, made the way you want it.
The deerskin shirts shown are not the only styles available to you, they are only limited by your imagination.
The deerskin pullover on the left has the suede side facing out, with the smooth leather side used on the collar, buttons and cuffs for a nice contrast. It also comes with a wide row of beadwork across the shoulders, with fringe and glass trade beads on both ends. We have used the old style rolled leather buttons down the front and on the cuffs. For a different look using this style of shirt, you may just switch the leathers around, add more or different beadwork, long fringe across the back etc. So you now can see the endless possibilities available for just this one style alone.
The second deerskin pullover comes with laced sleeves, collar, side vents, and a smooth leather bib with fringe on the front. The deerskin has been turned around (suede side) on the shoulders and fringe for a nice subtle contrast. Doing just this, takes away the plain look without being to flashy. The fringe also extends around the shoulders, down the sleeves and around the front bib.
This wonderfully unique Deerskin Pullover has a Woodland Indian floral design painted on the front and back, using the same bright colors to match the loom beadwork running down the side of each arm. At the bottom of the beadwork on the sleeves are glass Trading Beads and tin cones strung on several leather thongs. This Pullover comes unlined and has contrasting chocolate hand lacing above all of the fringes, around the bib area, cuffs, back and hemline . Paintings can vary in your choice of color, from flowers to animals, all of which can be matched to the beadwork.
War Shirts
Practically all of the Indian tribes wore some form of shirt, this garment was usually mistaken for a War Shirt. In reality it was a ceremonial shirt usually worn by the older men or Chiefs of authority on solemn occasions. The Dakotas and Cheyenne trimmed their shirts with hanks of horsehair, sometimes even human hair was used. These shirts were called ‘Scalp Shirts' by the White man, who believed that all of the hair decorations were from scalp locks. The Blackfoot and some of the other tribes decorated their shirt with strips of white weasel skins (as shown here), or any other animal thought to pass on their spirit and power the wearer. Our  War Shirts can be as individual as you are in design, as no two are ever the same, be it with the beadwork, hand paintings and fur trims, just as the originals were! We can also start from an old photograph or a hand drawing facsimile and build your shirt from there. Also used are a variety of materials, from horse hair, human hair, tin cones, hand painted animal images, feathers, beadwork, and fur strips etc..... to make an original keepsake for years to come. This is but only one fine example of what can be created with us.

Fur Hats & Snow Mitts

The mitts that made the climb to the top of Everest.
Design Choices:
Deerskin      Rabbit fur    Beaver   Otter Tail     Black Bear   Wolf
Cowhide      Hand Bead work
The removable liners can be made of: Sheepskin, 100% Wool, Rabbit Fur & Acrylic Pile
All we need to know from you is your size, outer mitt and liner choice. For you size, if you are unsure, a tracing of your hand would be the best, or the length of your middle finger to your wrist plus your hand width (widest part across laying flat). Please contact us for more photos and prices, as we have approximately 30 pairs in stock, and no two are the same.

Fur Hats & Snow Mitts

Fur Hats

We also carry fur hats in a wide variety of skins. These are the old "Trapper" style that have the flaps that fold down over your ears and neck for extra warmth when needed. These thick fur hats come in beaver, wolf, badger, raccoon, skunk (yes you read right), and rabbit in black or brown. Please call for current prices and availability of the different fur hats. We can match the mitts to the fur hats.
Never Be Cold Again!