Authentic Tee Pees

Our Tee Pees are custom made in the canvas department of the shop. These Tee Pees are made of 10 oz Fire Retardant, 100% Army Cotton Duct Canvas. An interior wall may be ordered for each size for extra winter insulation. These tents are great for the hunting camp, kids camping or summer cottage as they are fully portable and water repellent. They may be also used in the winter time, by adding a inner lined wall for extra insulation and with a small fire in the center for cooking and heating, they can be quite cozy, even on the coldest nights. These tents may also come in your choice of exterior paintings
or drawings. Each Tee Pee comes with instructions on how to use the smoke flaps properly, the spacing of the poles and the tents erection. There are two styles of door covers, an oval wood framed canvas covered one, or the loose flap of canvas type. These Tee Pees are fairly heavy as shipping could become quite expensive, so personal pickup is recommended. Also, due to the length of the poles required for the Tee Pees, poles are not included in the prices shown below but are included with the rentals.

Sizes available:

10' tall, 9' across base, sleeps 4 with gear
18' tall, 14' across base, sleeps 8 with gear
21' tall, 18' across base, sleeps 10 with gear


Wagons For Sale

We currently have 21 Original Horse Drawn vehicles for sale for Movie Studios or Promotional displays (please call). Full Restorations of your own Buggies and Wagons are also done on site. Currently available are:

- 17 hands high Wooden Horse (life size)
- Horse Drawn Bus
- Vis a Vis Parliament Sleigh
- Toronto Taxi Sleigh, convertible
- 2 Seater Spindle Buggy
- High Wheel Jog cart
- Doctors Buggy, convertible
- 2 Seater Sleigh
- Drummers Wagon
- Buggy w/jump seat

Original Chuck Wagon
Covered Freight Wagon
Boyd Estate Sleigh
Original Buckboard Buggy
Gentlemens Racing Buggy
Sleigh w/jump seat
Canvas Ambulance
2 Seater Buggy
Canvas Delivery Wagon

Please contact us for any questions or quotes

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For more information or prices please contact us, as the availability of some items will vary with our costs of the raw material. Also, custom designs and sizing will also effect our pricing. In most cases we may have a photo to email or mail to you of your request or something close to it.

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